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Elena is a modern Ukrainian artist, successfully sold abroad. She finished her studies at Notre Dame De Victoria College in San Francisco, then at the  Kiev University of International Relations, but decided to devote herself to art.

Alena Kruchkova - modern Ukrainian artist

She spent most of her childhood in Italy, on the Ligurian coast, where her father used to surfe, and this led to love of a marine theme in the paintings of a young artist.

As a child, she studied painting under the guidance of her mother, therefore from an early age, artistic activity received full support from the parents. Equestrian sport is an old tradition of the her family. Elena adores horses, she does horse-riding every day and even participates and takes prizes in competitions.

While in New York, she likes to listen to jazz. This amazing city atmosphere together with the nice music inspires Elena greatly.
Her realistic paintings can be divided into 3 main categories: portraits, horses and a marine theme.

Her goal is to create mood and emotion by manipulating the light and using muted colors. Figurative expressionism make up most of Elena’s work.

In portraits she focuses on depicting emotions, strives to obtain the greatest possible effect by simple means.

Likes color, but often uses shades of gray paint to achieve the best impression.

Elena is not afraid to experiment with different new techniques.
Recently, she has gained increasing popularity abroad, mainly in Italy, where she successfully sells her works.

The artist’s works are kept in private collections of famous politicians and some actors.

Alena Kruchkova - modern Ukrainian artist 5

Exhibitions :

2013 January Private Collection art Kiev
2014 July Italy Galleria D`arte Pomte Rosso
2014 September Italy Pisacane Arte
2015 February Galleria D`arte Il Vicolo Milano
2016 October PARALLAX ART FAIR London
2016 International Art Week Kiev UAW
2017 July Ukraine China Museum Art
2018 October Louvre Paris
2018 Tokyo International Art Fair

Alena Kruchkova - modern Ukrainian artist 2